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Make Money Each Month

Health Direct to Home ® is a unique and life changing opportunity for you to make money right from home!  All you need is a computer and a telephone.


Health Direct to Home ® combines the marketing genius of Nature Trade Direct, a company with 23 years of direct marketing experience, with the life changing health and nutritional products of Swiss Labs. Products are for joint and muscle relief, memory, sleep aids, probiotics, digestive enzymes, multi-vitamins and the list goes on and on!


Health Direct to Home ® places hundreds of ads for those products that generate thousands of calls. Instead of the calls going to our telemarketing call center they are sent to Health Direct to Home ® business owners. You get a steady stream of customers who call you and want to buy the products. You answer the call and place the order in our on-line order system and get paid, we do the rest. It is that easy.



Nature Trade Direct, Swiss Labs, and You!


You’ll receive world-class training from marketing professionals who will teach you set-by-step what you need to know to make money.  Health Direct to Home ® is easy, simple and systematic.


Not An MLMThis is NOT an MLM. You don’t sell to your family, friends and neighbors.  You don’t need to recruit people.  Potential buyers call you; they want what you have to sell.


Finally, a home based business built for 90% of the people out there who are not sales people and will not break the bank to get started.


Make an extra $500 to $1,000 per month working just a few hours a day or if you are really ambitious, work a full day and your income could grow to $5,000, $10,000; even $25,000 per month or more.  It’s all up to you.

Why Health Direct to Home® is Different

You’ve seen other home based businesses touted on TV. Things like buying real estate with no money down, selling products on EBay, and selling gold and silver. They don’t work and you won’t make any money. With Health Direct to Home ® you make money just for answering the phone and talking to customers who called you! No cold calling, no selling to family and friends. People call you because they want to buy. Talk about easy money, this is it!


  • You work the hours that best suit you.
  • No Commute - Work from the comfort of your home!
  • Earnings - The better you perform the more money you make.
  • Total flexibility.
  • You are responsible for your success and have total control.


With Health Direct to Home ® you can make real money, you can change your life and you can build the type of lifestyle you have always dreamed about.


Watch our five minute overview video here or call toll-free to 1-800-429-1930 and get more information about this ground breaking and life changing opportunity.


The information is free. The opportunity can change your life.
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Swiss Labs has been a leading supplier of the highest quality nutritional health products since 1985. Swiss Labs uses private manufacturers that employ FDA Pharmaceutical and GMP (GOOD Manufacturing Procedures) standards. Swiss Labs also uses the highest potency herbal extracts available rather than lower potency whole plant powders to ensure maximum absorption and superior results. Swiss Labs stays on the cutting edge of new research leading to development of the latest extracts and products for anti-aging, joint, brain, heart, energy, virility, weight loss, digestion and much more!

Actodin AppleVinegar Bactiplus Bifidon BioKrill
DefenseErgo7 Geracin Silver JuveZyme Magnatol
 MemitolMindell MultiKure NaturalQuietNeurotol
 Ningixa NutriZyme Phyteva Polycerna Proxene


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For 23 years, Nature Trade Direct has dominated direct to consumer marketing for health and nutritional products. Nature Trade Direct has mailed more than 300 million pieces of mail to homes in the United States, Canada and Australia in addition to advertising in over 6,000 newspapers and magazines not to mention thousands of hours of TV airtime to promote Swiss Labs products.


The marketing experts at Nature Trade Direct create winning marketing campaigns year after year that add up to millions of dollars in profits. Now you can tap into this gold mine of winning advertisements and make real money for yourself. When you team up with Nature Trade Direct you get access to their secrets of making millions, and how to keep cash flowing in month after month, year after year.

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